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Comprehensive data governance solutions that work for you!

Data Governance. Simplified.

Rand Secure Data offers industry leading data archiving, email archiving, backup and eDiscovery solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of every customer.

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Protect Your Data With Enterprise Data Backup from Rand Secure Data

Data Governance. Simplified.

An innovative backup solution designed to ease the traditional challenges of enterprise data backup.

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Data Governance. Simplified.

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WATCH: An Overview of eDiscovery from Rand Secure Data

Data Governance. Simplified.

Learn how Rand Secure Data's eDiscovery solution can help your organization simplify the discovery process.

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What is Data Governance?

Data governance provides the standards, processes and supporting technologies needed to manage data in ways that meet various stakeholder needs.

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eDiscovery: The Balance Between Legal and IT Roles

Now the electronic documents and communication are the norm in the public and private realms, it’s not surprising that eDiscovery is growing in the legal field. This discipline requires input from both IT and legal professionals. Here are a few observations about how roles break down between the two fields:... 8/25/14 1:21:08 PM

Test Your ILTA Knowledge in Advance of #ILTA14!

8/12/14 3:11:25 PM

Minimizing the Costs of eDiscovery

Given the prevalence of digital documents and communication today, it’s not surprising that eDiscovery has become a major component of litigation. A recent survey of U.S. corporations revealed that 71% of companies spent in excess of $1 million on litigation in 2013 – an increase from around 50% in 2011... 8/12/14 9:23:24 AM

Data Governance: Everyone Says It’s Important, But Why Aren’t More Companies Doing It?

When I was growing up my brother used to lord around the house saying that gravity was not just a great idea but in fact the law. Perhaps that same principle could apply to data governance: Data governance is not just a great idea, but in fact governed by state,... 8/5/14 9:42:51 AM

Managing Data in a BYOD Environment

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement has gained considerable momentum in recent years. It’s not uncommon today for employees to bring multiple mobile devices into the workplace – smartphones, tablets, tablets and more… And these devices are running on a wide variety of operating systems like iOS, Android, and... 8/1/14 11:23:31 AM

The Advancement of Predictive Coding

Predictive coding, a form of technology assisted review (TAR), has been changing and will continue to dramatically change the way discovery is conducted during legal cases. Predictive coding is considerably more powerful than basic keyword searches. Keyword searches produce fuzzy results – important documents may be overlooked if they don’t... 7/17/14 10:42:03 AM

Join Us Today and Tomorrow at LegalTech West Coast 2014

Join Rand Secure Data at LegalTech West Coast 2014 at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. We will be exhibiting at booth #414 and showcasing our advanced eDiscovery platform. Exhibit hours are: Tuesday June 24, 2014 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM and Wednesday June 25, 2014 10:00 AM... 6/24/14 10:17:18 AM

Data Backup and Mobile Data: Recovering Information Whenever and Wherever It’s Needed

These days, smartphones and tablets are commonplace in the office. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives are widespread and many organizations issue company-owned smartphones and tablets to employees, as well. Unfortunately with corporate data residing on mobile devices, enterprises now face new sources of potentially unrecoverable data loss and an... 5/23/14 10:36:13 AM

Is Your Enterprise Data Backup Solution Truly Reliable?

Many organizations have an enterprise data backup solution. However, the unfortunate truth is that many backup solutions offer a false sense of protection. Before a disaster strikes, it makes sense to evaluate whether your enterprise data backup system is actually reliable. There are two important dimensions to consider: recoverability and... 5/7/14 9:41:06 AM

Join Rand Secure Data at Enterprise Data World 2014

This week, Rand Secure Data will be sponsoring Enterprise Data World 2014 in Austin, TX. Join us to learn how to build a comprehensive data governance strategy and implement the right technology to match that strategy. On Tuesday at 2:15 PM, Rand Secure Data will present, “Data Governance: Bridging the... 4/28/14 8:28:03 AM

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New from the Rand Secure Data blog: "eDiscovery: The Balance Between Legal and IT Roles" 8/25/2014 1:49:30 PM

"Bridging the Gap Between Data Governance and the Rest of the Business" VIA 8/22/2014 9:59:53 AM

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Visit booth #819 to see how an solution can be paired with & to increase efficiency & lower costs. 8/19/2014 9:35:20 AM

Hey attendees, stop by booth #819 from 9:30 to 5 and learn about our awesome solutions powered by HP's IDOL platform. 8/19/2014 9:02:37 AM

attendees be sure to visit us tonight at booth #819 from 7-9pm on the exhibit floor. 8/18/2014 5:01:29 PM

VIDEO: An Overview of Enterprise Data Backup from 8/18/2014 11:02:51 AM

Welcome to from , be sure to meet us at booth #819 this week! 8/18/2014 8:10:36 AM

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Minimizing the Costs of eDiscovery: 8/17/2014 8:25:06 PM

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Reduce the size of your data footprint with deduplication and compression from 8/16/2014 10:45:33 AM

Heading to Nashville for ? Test your knowledge in advance of with this quick quiz: 8/16/2014 7:00:50 AM

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News & Press Releases

The Impact of HIPAA and HITECH on Healthcare Data Governance

Health Management Technology article by Chris Grossman

8/28/14 12:39:06 PM

Bridging the Gap Between Data Governance and the Rest of the Business

Data Center Journal article by Chris Grossman

8/20/14 9:48:56 AM

Get a Handle on Data Governance

Machine Design article by Chris Grossman

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Rand Secure Data Highlights eDiscovery’s Role in Data Governance at LegalTech West Coast Conference

Company to Showcase Predictive Coding at Booth #414

6/19/14 8:30:00 AM

Making Sense of Mobile Data Management

Federal Computer Week article by Chris Grossman

6/17/14 1:50:06 PM

The Rise of Data Governance and Archiving in Healthcare

Health Management Technology article by Chris Grossman

6/6/14 11:23:25 AM

Rand Worldwide Reports Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2014 Results

20% Year over Year growth in EBITDA

5/15/14 8:30:00 AM

Rand Secure Data to Present at Enterprise Data World Conference

Rand Secure Data Executive to Present on Data Governance and Company to Showcase Comprehensive Data Governance Solutions at Booth #44

4/23/14 8:30:00 AM

Rand Secure Data Highlights Importance of Data Backup and Recovery on World Backup Day

Supported by Industry Research, Rand Secure Data Outlines Three "Must Haves" for Successful Data Backup

3/31/14 8:30:00 AM

Cyberbullying Bill Would Tie Harassment Policies to Aid

An article featuring Rand Secure Data by eCampus News

3/24/14 1:05:08 PM